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Cardiogasm – Workout with Gia Derza & Scarlit Scandal!

Workout with Gia Derza & Scarlit Scandal!

Gia Derza and Scarlit Scandal are ready to be your exercise instructors for the day. It’s very important to keep your mind and body fit, and they’re here to teach you how — together!

First, they take you through some breathing exercises to help get you nice and relaxed. You can feel your heart rate slowing. Then, it’s all about stretching out your muscles to make sure you’re good and limber. You wouldn’t want to pull something, would you?

Once the ladies are ready, they guide you through their fitness routine. The energy is high as they enjoy themselves to the fullest while doing everything from squats to scissors. Naturally, any mention of scissoring makes Scarlit and Gia giggle as they exchange flirty looks.

Every enthusiastic exercise makes them hotter and hotter, and it soon becomes clear that they have a very different workout in mind. Now they’re going to teach you how they reward themselves for completing their exercises for the day…

Scarlit and Gia come together for a sensual kiss as they begin undressing. As they join each other on the yoga mats, they put their tongues and fingers to good work pleasing each other. As they eagerly eat pussy, there’s no doubt that THIS is their favorite part of the routine!